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Mountains and mysteries

MOUNTAINS & MYSTERIES M & Ms is a group which will be looking at faith and life, considering highs and lows, puzzles and certainties, God & me. We will look at film clips, listen to music, read the best book ever! (the Bible of course). We will ask questions and explore what life is all about. We will think about call and purpose. We will be people on a journey, who will not be the same as we were yesterday. We will not be perfect, but be honest and prayerful, listening to others, forgiving others, sharing when we can, praying when we can. We will be brave and courageous as we take one step at a time on this exciting journey together, knowing that we are not alone! 22ND SEPTEMBER LOVE 7.30pm 6th OCTOBER JOY 7.30pm 20th October Film Night RISEN! PG 7.30pm 3rd November PEACE 7.30pm 17th November GOODNESS, GRACIOUS! 7.30pm 1 December ANGEL ENCOUNTERS 7.30pm CHRISTMAS BREAK! RESTART 12TH JANUARY KEEPING THE FAITH 7.30pm

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