Reading List

Here is a list of books that you may find interesting and inspiring:

Author                                   Title                                                          Subject

Heidi Baker                     Compelled by Love                         Story of a most humble and yet powerful                                                                                                       woman I've ever heard preach

Jackie Pullinger              Chasing the Dragon                        Reaching drug addicts in Hong Kong

Brother Yun                    Heavenly Man                                  Imprisoned for God in China

Smith Wigglesworth     Greater Works                                 Revival sermons including his story

David Wilkerson            Cross & the Switchblade                Responding to the call to reach violent

                                                                                                      gangs in New York

Joni Erickson                   Joni                                                    One woman’s story of faith after paraplegia

Brother Andrew            God’s Smuggler                                 Taking Bibles beyond the borders

Corrie Ten Boom           The Hiding Place                               Surviving a concentration camp                    

George Muller               Autobiograph or                               Rescuer of Orphans, living by faith

                                         other biographies 

Bilquis Sheikh                I dared to call him Father                A Muslim woman finds Christ

Bruce Olson                   Bruchco                                               His Capture by the Motilone Indians and                                                                                                         his adventures in christianizing Stone Age Tribe